Workshop Ecosystem Services


Challenges in the assessment of urban ecosystems services

November 13, 2015

Chair Jurgen Breuste, Cristian Ioja



Why to be a SURE member. President SURE, Jurgen Breuste, Switzerland

SURE SEE Europe Chapter – targets and approaches. Overview of Urban Ecosystems Services Assessment in Romania. Cristian Ioja, Romania

Compact cities vs. living quality – applying the ecosystem services approach for building sustainable cities. Martina Artmann, Germany

Assessing the fragmentation of the green infrastructure in Romanian cities using fractal models and numerical taxonomy. Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor, Ion Andronache, Ana-Maria Ciobotaru, Daniel Peptenatu, Romania

Heterogeneity predictors of urban green infrastructures in Romanian cities. Denisa Lavinia Badiu, Cristian Ioja, Maria Patroescu, Simona Raluca Gradinaru, Alina Constantina Hossu, Romania

Components of micro-climate modification effect of urban shade trees – integrated approach promoting the development of ecosystem service indicators. Agnes Takacs, Marton Kiss, Agnes Gulyas, Noemi Kanto, Hungary

Air temperature regulation by urban trees and green infrastructure. Vanau Gabriel Ovidiu, Ioja Ioan Cristian, Onose Diana Andreea, Sandric Ionut, Gradinaru Simona, Uta Mihaela, Romania

Wetlands change in urban areas – key indicator for ecosystems services assessment. Case study: Bucharest city (Romania). Cristian Ioja, Gabriela Osaci-Costache, Romania

Plant species from Bucharest as indicators of urban conditions. Onete Marilena, Manu Minodora, Bodescu Florian, Moldoveanu Mirela, Florescu Larisa, Romania

Detailed data about the papers can be found in the Workshop Abstract.


Afternoon. Visit to Vacaresti area (urban wetlands – new paradise for wildlife).


You can find more pictures from the Workshop here.